Deception / Surveillance

Spy Game: 2019

Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine that you are the director of a Hollywood spy movie. The story goes from an international ring that uses espionage to plant a puppet into a leading powerful government. The plot thickens when they succeed & that puppet leader starts to dismantle the Republic from within! The only advocate for justice is the national media outlets. What an award-winning "BLOCKBUSTER" that would be at the box office folks! Meanwhile, in the US the current President has fired the FBI director & is under criminal investigation with a reality TV show star.

Republic / Dictator

Historic Spy Battles

The history of espionage between the US and Russia spans back over 50 years to the Rosenburg execution in 1951. Today we have Vladimir Putin the Russian dictator who came up through the ranks of the KGB. According to multiple sources his cyber force has tilted the outcome of both the US & European elections to Russia's advantage. But the best is yet to come in this real time Reality TV drama. Will Trump be found guilty and kicked out of office or remain for two terms as he claims? Stay tune on all channel cause whatever finally unfolds will be historic!